Gun Range Construction To Go Ahead In Allen City

Before the most recent conducted among the members of the Allen City Council, it was unsure whether the gun range proposed to be constructed within Allen will come into reality. Majority of the residents especially those house are located near Ansley Meadows have expressed their contradiction regarding the proposed construction of the Texas Legends Gun Range where it will be nearby the neighborhood. This is because of the noise pollution that might be caused by the new business which requires best soundproof windows in order to block out the noise.

In the last meeting held by the Planning and Zoning Commission, they recommended that the project should not be given approval. The voting was 4 to 3 and based on the city ordinance, the approval of the project will only be possible if the council votes for supermajority which requires six votes to be in favor.

The discussion by the council lasted for two and a half hours and the council was able to get a supermajority result during the voting which puts it at 6 members in favor and only 1 who is not in favor. The result means the construction of the gun range will be effective immediately.

The opposition presented their case during the public hearing and the two major issues for them involve safety and noise.

Stephanie Peterson gave real life proofs of gun ranges that are causing problems to the public like the facility located in Trussville, Alabama which is only 600 feet from the closest neighborhood. She said that the design of Sheepdog Firearms was started from scratch and city officials were given the assurance that the facility will be soundproof. It was not true as a video recorded in a nearby community proved that noise from the gun range can be heard. After three months of complaints, the problem remains.

The management of the proposed gun range hired a sound consultant named Greg Hughes to settle the concerns of the residents. There will be soundproofing measures such as best soundproof windows, thick concrete walls and the ceiling will be reinforced with concrete as well.