Heirloom Wedding Dress Being Sought Out

During an estate sale in Arlington, wedding dress which is considered a family heirloom was accidentally sold along with other items. Now, the mother and her daughter are desperately searching for the said heirloom wedding dress.

Margaret Landolt wore that beautiful, white dress during her wedding ceremony on June 8, 1962.

According to a statement from Landolt, her mother was the one responsible in making her wedding dress at that time while her father was the one who designed and later on built the church where she is wed. Landolt’s father was an architect. She reminisced all of this while looking at her wedding photos.

She also shared how her mother was very meticulous and she sewed all those little beads onto the front panel of her wedding dress all by herself. Margaret revealed that during her wedding day, she considered herself the most beautiful at that time. Her mother knows what she is doing since she made sure that the fit of the dress was just right for her.

Landolt and her husband recently celebrated their marriage and it is not their 54th year. It was also recently that the couple decided to move from their house and into an independent living facility. This is when they decided to pack up a lot of their things that they have kept for decades in preparation for their downsizing. Without them noticing, the wedding dress might have been included in the pile of things that was sold during their estate sale.

The hoop that was included in the wedding dress was missing and without that hoop, the dress would look like just a simple white long dress to anyone.

Mrs. Landolt was in tears when she remembered how her mother made the effort and put in so much love in the design of her dress and she is heartbroken following the accidental selling of the dress. Add to the fact that she had already promised her daughter, Laura, the dress.

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