Here’s How Usability, User Experience And Content Affect SEO

If you have a website or is in the process of building one, then you should know the value of effective web design and how it is integrated with SEO. How a website is design and built can have a great effect on its future. It can be assumed that web design could either make or break a website. Because of this, one must be able to design a website professionally and in a way that can keep up with other websites and drive considerable traffic. Search engine optimization or SEO, on the other hand, may refer to the techniques and strategies used to help optimize a website for better rankings in the results page of search engines. The higher a website’s rank is in the search engines results page or SERPs, the easier it is for people to find it.

Search engines, on their part, are striving for continuous improvement especially in terms of their capability to provide the best results to the people. Although the word ‘best’ may be a bit subjective, search engines still have a good grasp as to the kind of results people want to see:

  • People want to see results that are easy to use and navigate.
  • Results that would be able to provide direct action and information regarding the search query.
  • Websites that are professionally designed.
  • Websites that will provide or deliver high quality and credible content.

As to how usability, user experience and content affect SEO and the ranking on the search engines, it varies. When it comes to usability and user experience, they can be considered as second order influences on the success of search engine rankings. It can be noted that search engines takes into account the keywords, links and site structure, these three are the main drivers of a website’s ranking success. Content, however affects SEO on a massive scale because that is what search engines primarily reads. High quality content is more likely to place at higher rankings than low quality ones. Signs of high quality content would include: good or positive engagement metrics and linking patterns.

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