Homeowners Scammed By Fake Law Firm

The Rodis Law Group and America’s Law Group are very active in their advertisements through radio stations and internet in a nationwide scale. They are introducing their firm to struggling homeowners that are in need of assistance.

Consumers who are attracted by their ads were asked to pay amount ranging between $3,500 and $5,500 in the belief that the law firm based in Southern California will be able to help them from impending foreclosure. Unbeknownst to them, Bryan D’Antonio, 50 years of age and introduced himself as the head of the firm, was a convicted felon. He was sentenced before in federal prison which lasts for four years because he participated in a medical billing scam.

Upon release, he has been ordered through a permanent injunction not to participate in any business regarding telemarketing or misrepresenting services that the said business could provide to the clients.

During his plea hearing, D’Antonio pleaded guilty on counts of conspiracy to commit mail as well as wire fraud. He also revealed that he is the one behind Rodis Law Group and he started the business while he was still under supervision from his release due to his prior conviction.

According to Eileen M. Decker, U.S. Attorney assigned in Central District of California, the suspect is known to prey on victims that are vulnerable – in this case the struggling home owners. He pretended that can provide legal assistance to all his victims. D’Antonio along with his cohorts has nothing to offer to them but empty promises and false hopes. The US Attorney also said that he will be punished in federal court because of the damage he has inflicted on the long list of victims.

The prosecutors of the case said that RLG and ALG were able to sell their services with the use of telemarketing operations. In turn, the employees have misinterpreted the services that the firms are offering.

During his plea hearing, D’Antonio said that he is a participant in the fake services offered by the firms RLG and ALG along with Charles Wayne Farris and Ronald Rodis.

This is a reminder to all that it is important to very law firms, be it in the United States or a Law Firm in Bangkok.