How Can A Business Encourage A Customer To Leave A Review

Reviews literally place a brand in the global map. When Google sees increased activity from King Kong digital marketing reviews and the digital agency’s responses, it ranks the site higher in search results. Search for reviews has increased over the years because job seekers want to be confident about their employment decision.

Digital marketing continues to evolve but word of mouth recommendations remain constant. However, conversations about brands have moved online. Consumers tend to trust a recommendation from a neighbour than branded commercials. Statistics of online reviews prove that people trust other people more than company ads.

Positive reviews influence 91% of consumers to use a business. At least 82% of consumers read online reviews of a local brand. 76% trust online reviews in the same way that they trust word of mouth recommendations. Before an average consumer trusts a business, he has to read at least 10 reviews. It is without doubt, that online reviews make a difference.

How can a business attract more reviews? At the time of purchase, the customer can be requested to provide the email address and phone number. This is the first step towards landing a review from the customer. If a consumer is willing to share contact information with a business, the shopping experience is more likely to be satisfactory and can shared with others.

Brick and mortar stores can also encourage reviews in the form of banners, flyers, brochures and window clings. Review request can be printed at the bottom of receipts or a QR code when scanned will point to a list of review profile links. The customer can choose the platform to write a review.

Customers appreciate online feedback because it means that the business values their opinion and continuous loyalty. An honest review is frequently posted by a satisfied customer. The review will be heartfelt and not forced.

It is also easy for employees to review an employer when they are satisfied with the job. An example is King Kong digital marketing reviews that inform job seekers about their experiences with the digital agency. Job seekers usually rely on reviews to make informed decisions about their employment.