How Good Reviews Affect SEO

When a customer writes a review of your business, it tells Google that your business is real. When it comes to SEO, Google makes sure that the user comes first. What the user trusts and believes in is what Google will also trust. Google uses customer reviews to provide the website with a high ranking.

Favourable reviews are actually what a business wants because good reviews equate to more stars and more clicks. However, Google insists that click-through-rate is not a ranking factor but still it makes sense that the more clicks a web page gets the higher it will rank in search engine results. Why?

If the competitor has a 2-star or 3-star and your business has a 4.5-star, it is very likely that a customer will click on your site over that of the competitor. If Google realizes that your site is being chosen by the greater majority of users, you will gain the search engine’s trust and will direct more traffic to your site.

Reviews are user-generated content that is considered gold in terms of SEO. Every time that a customer leaves a review, they are leaving something that Google wants to crawl – authentic and genuine content that is associated to your brand. Google gains a clearer picture of the brand which it will position for relevant searches.

A digital marketing agency treats king kong SEO reviews as relevant informative content with keywords that help them rank high in search engine results. In order to gain high-quality reviews, the company encourages its customers to write about their personal experiences with the brand.