How To Know An Authentic Thai Cuisine In Bangkok

If you’re in Thailand, it will be so easy to find authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok for your meals. You can tell the food served is genuine by the famous name of the restaurant itself. Below are some directions on how you can distinguish authentic Thai food to enjoy your meal.

  • A menu of Thai food alone

A Thai restaurant serving authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok will put their best foot forward in order to attract customers. You will know if it’s a genuine food by the way it tastes. The menu will show you that it serves exquisite Thai delicacies.

  • Has a Smaller Menu

If you’re out for authentic Thai cuisines, you need to find a restaurant that serve a smaller menu of one region in Thailand. The famous restaurant will serve only one dish and it can be rice and khao man gai chicken. The restaurants purely exists to please travellers coming from other countries.

  • Say ‘No’ to Chopsticks

If you go to a Thai restaurant that brings out some chopsticks, then it’s not a good sign that they serve authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok for their meals. They are catering to people who don’t demand genuineness. Most Thai people prefer to use forks and spoons, and they use rice and sauce for their meals.

  • Opt for the Secret Menu

The secret menu are what the staff members and regulars of a Thai restaurant are eating. They usually make it for themselves. World-renowned chefs who prepare these meals are bolder than those of the past. They know when people choose to have authentic Thai cuisines and they don’t hold back any longer. They can come up with something that are now found on the menu.

  • Pass the Nam Pla Prik

Many Thai restaurants may not serve nam pla prik or a mixture of fish sauce and chilies, but it is a great thing if it’s available. It’s a sure sign that the restaurant serve authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok and care for their customers. The sauce makes the Thai meals delicious and you’ll definitely want one for yourself and everyone around.