How To Make An Eco-Friendly Move

There are certain months where the number of homeowners is the highest and this is also when packing in Sydney is creating a higher impact. Aside from the benefits such as creating job opportunities and keeping moving companies afloat, there are also downsides to packing and moving especially when done by a huge volume of people at the same time of the year.

During the moving process, the inevitable result is a large amount of waste because homeowners are trying to get rid of household items they no longer need. Aside from this, they are also a lot of boxes needed to move their belongings and they are buying many packing materials to safely secure their things while on the moving truck or vehicle. Through all the hustle and bustle, you can still be conscious of the environment and the waste you leave behind by keeping in mind the following.

First, separate all the things that you are not going to use in your new home including furniture, books, clothing, household appliances and toys. Give them to your local charity or you can book an appointment so someone can pick it up and give it away as a donation. If you still have food items left in your pantry and you don’t want to pack them along with you, you can give them to the food pantry in your area. For towels and sheets you no longer need, animals at the animal shelter will be happy to receive them as they are used to make beds for puppies as well as kittens.

Do not buy new packing boxes as soon as you plan to move. Ask everyone you know if they have unused boxes or you can even post in online to see if anyone is planning to dispose their boxes from when they moved. Local businesses are also getting rid of a lot of boxes on a daily basis so it is worth a try.

While you are busy packing in Sydney, you might use as many packing materials while forgetting that you can use blankets and towels instead of foam and bubble wraps for some items. These will act as cushion to fragile belongings.