How Will Thailand Solve The Issue Of Education Inequality?

Inequality in education is one of the key issues that Thailand has to face. Students coming from poor families in remote areas have limited access to quality education unlike their urban counterparts that enjoy academic development through schools like Bangkok International School with a proud record of accomplishments.

The Education Ministry has devised several strategies for the improvement of the student’s learning experience in all levels. Education analysts and research organizations hope to fix all the issues in the educational system by 2018.

Students coming from poor families struggle with problems that are very rarely faced by students from rich families in major cities. The Education Ministry has to face issues that include lack of funding, resources, qualified and experienced teachers, books and modern technology to solve the problem of education inequality.

According to Unesco‘s Global Education Monitoring Report for 2017 to 2018, Thailand failed to provide quality universal basic education for its people. At least 99% of Thais complete primary education but only 85% are able to complete lower secondary. Only 50% have minimum proficiency level in reading. 100% of rich students finish lower secondary levels compared to only 80% among the poorest students. It is disheartening but around 3.9 million adults fail to read a simple Thai sentence.

Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) revealed that educational inequality is the most serious issue that has to be solved immediately. In remote areas with small-sized schools, there are less than 20 students per grade. Their grades are low when they take national and international tests. In the latest nationwide O-test, students in Bangkok and other cities gained higher scores than those that are enrolled in rural schools.

Schools in urban areas have limited resources. The average student-to-teacher ratio is 20:1. In some instances, one teacher has to teach all subjects to children of varying grades and ages.

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