Ibis Styles Hotel’s City Roof Lobby Provides Clear View Of Jerusalem

Ibis in Ratchada and in all of their establishments worldwide are indeed doing a great job in adorning hotels with their upbeat style and non-conventional taste.

Moreover, one of its hotels in Jerusalem could not only boast its inside facilities, but also the scenic view that you could readily see from their summit. In fact, just recently, the Ibis Styles Hotel opened its City Roof Lobby wherein you could see all that there is to see in the magnanimous capital of Israel.

A Sight Must-See

Looking through the bird’s eye view, both literally and figuratively, you could get a clear picture of the spectacular stars which adorn the night sky and the pastel hues of orange and yellow every time the sun sets.

Situated on the eighth floor of the building, the City roof also features a dairy menu led by Chef Noam Nitzan, alongside a variety of viands and appetizers. Among their delectable cuisines are the eggplant with raw tahina and silan, spicy shakshuka, and a plethora of pasta dishes.

Furthermore, they also offer homemade breads with palatable sauces such as goat yogurt, dried tomato tapenade, balsamic vinegar, and pesto basil.

Historic Vibes

With more than 4,600 hotels all over the globe, Ibis Styles opened the said hotel roughly three months ago and is the second ACCOR International Hotel in Jerusalem. For the record, Ibis Red was the first one to be established.

With an exterior design resembling the Mahane Yehuda market, one could really feel the historic ambience of the building. It has different kinds of rooms classified into standard, family, and mini suites among others. In addition, there are also several masterpieces of art which adorn the walls of each room.

The hotel promises a comfortable and worth-it hotel experience especially for families who want to bring their children for a vacation and the likes. Children are even given some gift kit as they check-in.

Undoubtedly, the works of Ibis in Ratchada are surely commendable as much as how they are worthy of praise with their City Roof Lobby in their Israeli hotel.