Important Steps In The Rehabilitation Process

There are different ways to treat addiction. The choice of treatment depends on the condition of the patient, budget, lifestyle of the patient and the willingness of the patient to recover from addiction.There are many treatment options that help the addicts to come out of addiction and lead a normal and healthy life.

Inpatient rehab treatments are most popular and successful treatment options for addiction. The inpatient treatment programs require the patient to stay at the rehab centre and undergo the treatment. Patients can choose the best inpatient rehab centre to suit their preferences and budget. The treatment plans at the inpatient rehab centres consist of the following steps

  1. The first step in the process is the intake. This step involves speaking to the staff at the rehab centre and determining whether the programs offered by the centre are suitable for your requirements or not. The rehab centre might also want to know about certain details regarding the patient and also require some diagnostic tests before enrolling the patient. Most of the best inpatient rehab centres conduct a personal counselling session with the patient and his or her family to obtain important information about the severity of addiction, history of health disorders, family history of addiction etc.
  2. Once the enrolment formalities are completed and the financial details are settled, the patients are required to undergo detoxification. The detoxification programs of the best inpatient rehab centres clear the traces of drugs and alcohol from the body and ease the withdrawal symptoms. The qualified and experienced doctors at the rehab centres supervise the patients and round the clock during the detoxification phase and provide medical help whenever necessary.
  3. Once the detox is completed, patients start with the rehabilitation program. The doctors, counsellors and therapists at the best inpatient rehab centres design treatment plans that are customized to suit the individual requirements of each patient. The treatment plans combine appropriate medications with counselling sessions and behavioural therapy to help the patients identify the triggers of their addiction and find means to cope with them.
  4. The last step in rehabilitation is recovery and support. Recovery is a long process and requires constant support of family and friends. Some of the reputed and best inpatient rehab centres offer support groups to aid the patients in the process of recovery after they check-out of the facility.