Improving The River Of Thailand

A new promenade is being constructed in Chao Phraya which inevitably affected 33 communities in the area. There are a number of controversies regarding the project but it will help in improving the area. It is expected that buyers will be attracted to single house in Pinklao because of the developments.

At the northern part of the Chao Phraya River is the Rama VII Bridge. At the foot of the bridge is O-Yua River Terrace, an open-air huge restaurant serving Thai cuisine. Its area reaches up to the water of the river. This is the starting point of the lane to be constructed for bicycles and walking pedestrian. The lane will stretch a total of 7 kilometres to the south. This will be constructed on both sides and the end will be at the Phra Pinklao Bridge.

The route will be affecting popular areas such as PhraAthit where the road is as wide as three lanes. The area is home to different offices belonging to international organizations including UNICEF. The construction will be done on concrete platforms with the aid of stilts and will be as wide as 10 meters on both sides of the river.

The government has decided that communities located at the riverbank have to be uprooted in order for the lane to be constructed. This is only the first phase of the Chao Phraya Riverside Promenade Project spearheaded by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. The project is estimated to cost multi-billion of baht. This was proposed in the hopes that it will attract more tourists in the area.

Chao Phraya is known as a tourist magnet from day until night and essential in the transport route. The promenade project is expected to transform the riverside and make it more convenient, accessible and attractive. The construction has been postponed several times because of controversies.

Opponents believed that it was not planned properly and was not consulted properly thus, businesses and communities are uncertain about the outcome. The local government, on the other hand, thinks it will boost tourism and increase sales of single house in Pinklao because of the potential in the area.