Inventions That Are Useful To Electricians

Being an electrician is not an easy job and time is something that they don’t have the luxury of. This is the reason why they employ useful tools and techniques which can help them finish their work faster and make their task easier. While there are huge and advanced equipment developed and used by many electricians, there are also simple tools that are sometimes taken for granted but they make a huge difference in the work of a professional electrician. Here are some of the most useful inventions which can save time as well as make task easier for electricians.

  • Speedy Sparky. This is not a popular product because it has not been made available commercially but it has been featured in a number of trade publications. It stood out among other tools due to the fact that it was invented also by a fellow electrician. The design was made with electricians in mind. Its main goal is to save time when doing a common and a repetitive task. The Speedy Sparky is designed to make socket installation faster. It resembles a big stencil with indications based on the recent building regulations. All the electrician has to do is mark and drill the position of the socket.


  • Gekko Gripper. This invention is available commercially for several years already and it has been given much attention especially during trade shows where it is featured. The manufacturer of the tool is Super Rod and they are known to manufacture cable rods. The Gekko Gripper was designed as a tool in routing cable with the help of high powered magnets. The electrician will be able to guide where the cable is going either on the wall or under floorboards.


  • StudBox. This was designed to be used in dry lining in order to install back boxes faster than before. The task used to consume five minutes but with the help of the tool, it only takes 30 seconds to finish installation.


  • Knipex ErgoStrip. This is another tool which can be useful for an electrician in Gold Coast because it is practical and has a compact design. This tool serves three purposes – strip, dismantle and slit. It can be sued in common installation cables that are round and damp-proof.