Is Age Of Empires II Making A Comeback?

If you think Age of Empires II is no longer on the radar, you might find that you are wrong. In fact, only recently a LAN party was hosted by the Mumbai chapter of the video game Age of Empires. The underground community is dedicated to playing the strategy video game which has been in the industry for 19 years. The first time that Age of Empires II was released to the public was in 1999. This was during the time when real time strategy games are on its prime. Real time strategy game is a new genre at that time because the actions of the players are happening in real time and not just waiting for each other’s turn.

While there are other games that were released during that time such as StarCraft, Rise of Nations and Command & Conquer: Generals, Age of Empires took the trophy for being the most popular and most played especially its latest version which Age of Empires II. Real time strategy games took a backseat in 2010 because of the popularity of role playing games along with first person shooting games.

Though it was out of the spotlight, the game is never forgotten because of a small number of global communities that remain true to the game. Even when Ensemble Studios, the developer of the game, decided to focus on other versions, the fans made their own patches as well as mods in order to keep the game running. The server for the multiplayer game eventually shut down in 2006 but it did not discourage the fans but rather they found third-party networks such as Voobly and GameRanger.

Due to the efforts of the global community to keep the game alive, Microsoft announced in 2013 that a high-definition version of the game is to be released by a new developer, Forgotten Empires. The most recent announcement was last year when Microsoft said that a definitive edition is to be released with 4k graphics, better gameplay and the soundtrack has been remastered as well. 19 years later, these Indian players are still as dedicated to Age of Empires as when it was released.