Judge Gave Permission For Notice Of Lawsuit To Be Served Through Twitter

It is known by many that the federal court system is not a fan of technology when it comes to their day to day operation. This is why it comes as a surprise when one federal magistrate decided to keep up with the times inside the courtroom. Judge Laurel Beeler of the United Stated Magistrate gave the order that the foreign defendant can be served with a notice of lawsuit regarding a civil case through Twitter. This is not the first time that an electronic service was done especially in foreign defendants but most of the time it is always through e-mail, this is the first time that a social media platform was utilized. The underlying lawsuit was filed by the terror victims against the foreign defendant Kuveyt-Turk Participation Bank Inc., Kuwait Finance House as well as Hajjaj al-Ajmi which is an individual that as accused to be funding ISIS attacks. When it comes to compensations for victims of terror, the state is willing to perform every creative measure.

Process serving is not a very common topic when it comes to news headline but these are important issues as well because it lets the public know of the kind of value judgment that the society has. It is a requirement under the process of in-hand service and also a basic rule of the American legal system that the individual involved in the case should know about the case proceeding, this way they will be able to participate if they decided to. Process serving is done in order to have a fair system when it comes to civil legal issues.

According to the rules, the acceptable methods of process serving the defendant may be different. It depends on the “identity” of the defendant, either a person or a company, and the location of the defendant, either in state, out of the state or even out of the country. The bottom line is that the method used should be effective in giving notice.

This is why Twitter was approved as the process server method because it has proved to be an effective method for the individual when it comes to gathering ISIS funds thus it will also be an effective method in serving the notice of lawsuit.