Just How Affordable is a Villa in Thailand?

The idea of living a life drenched in sunshine and golden beaches might seem a million miles away from how many of us live our daily lives; still there will be many who have dreamed of such a life, even if it feels completely out of reach.  Maybe you planned to relocate after you were married, when the children left home or the ever popular idea of when you retire.  The notion seems to be a permanent fixture in the public consciousness in many countries, but for most it will always remain a pipe dream; even though it doesn’t have to.

Why Thailand?

The first part of this puzzle is the location.  Thailand is an emerging socio-economic and industrial hub that is rapidly transforming, this presents a country that is always evolving and offering up new and interesting ideas and opportunities for those who can take advantage of them.  What this means for property however is that there is a lot of development and international interest is expected.  At the same time, a lot of the developments are luxurious in design but still comparatively affordable when compared to property prices in Europe and the US for example.

Stretching your money

Life in Thailand may offer interesting possibilities, but that doesn’t mean it costs the earth.  In fact, the cost of living in Thailand is, on average, nearly 30% cheaper than living in the UK with rental prices being as much as 40% lower!  This carries over to the property values as well, with villas for sale in Thailand starting around as little £60,000.  To provide some context to that number, especially if Great British Pounds are not your native currency, a modest home in the UK is going to cost you at least £150,000 – £180,000 whilst the average house price is approximately £225,000.  Obviously this represents a staggering difference in affordability so there is every chance that your budget, which you may view as quite humble, could very well stretch to a villa in Thailand.

Where to start

Now most of us probably have some idea of what a villa is, but the term is actually used quite interchangeably with various contexts in different countries.  What we are talking about here is most often a fairly large, high quality detached property that usually boasts some more luxurious features.  There are villas all over Thailand with more being built all the time, but some of the most popular locations are those near beaches, with islands such as Koh Samui being particularly favourable.  In fact, Koh Samui real estate has transformed as an industry in the last few decades as Thailand has become an ever increasingly popular place to live.  So it is important to thoroughly research the areas that you might see properties advertised in to develop an understanding of that place, after all there is no point in seeking to retire somewhere quiet and accidently buying a villa in an area with a massive nightlife scene that doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

All in all, relocating to a gorgeous villa in Thailand is not as costly as it might first appear and there are plenty of properties and opportunities available if that is what you really want.  With a bit of research and some careful financial planning, moving to what some would consider a sun drenched paradise is really quite affordable and a definite possibility that you should not deny yourself.  After all, why hold on to a dream, when you can live it?