LED Lighting Technology For Spanish Soccer Stadium

The use of flexible LED lighting strips is rapidly increasing in modern lighting designs all over the world. LED strip lights are now being implemented by architects and lighting designers for residential, commercial and industrial projects because of increased efficiency, color options, brightness and ease of installation.

Spanish soccer team Sevilla Football Club opened the 2017-18 season with LED stadium lighting from Philips. Both Sevilla and Philips proclaimed that the LED lights will support quality TV broadcasts. Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium has installed 360 Philips ArenaVision LED fixtures on the playing area and 8 network-controlled Philips Vari-Lite VL6000 movable color spots intended for entertainment lighting. The LED lights were installed to replace the previous lighting system made from ceramic metal halide.

In a joint press release, Philips and Sevilla did not mention anything about energy savings even if it is usually the main motivator for end users to switch from conventional lighting to LED lighting that is popular for its low power consumption. Instead of energy savings, Philips and Sevilla emphasized that the new lighting system will support ultrahigh definition TV broadcasting standards that is more popularly known as 4K.

Highest quality pitch lighting adheres to the latest broadcasting standards of 4K television to allow viewers to watch the fine details and HD super slow-motion replays without any flicker that is common in the older conventional lighting systems. Through the new LED technology, lighting can be altered instantly and customized for a wide range of purposes. Selected areas of the pitch can be illuminated when training. LED lighting strips can also be used to create synchronized light and music shows for pre-match entertainment.

The Seville project is the second for Philips for the month. An earlier project was the field and entertainment LED lighting for ParcOlympique Lyonnais stadium that is home to French soccer club, Olympique Lyonnais.

The best option for residential, commercial or industrial lighting systems is LED lighting strips that have been cut to length with or without mounting LED profiles to save on the need to solder wiring tails to the strip. Aside from sports stadiums, LED lighting is highly effective for architectural installations, signage and commercial lighting.