Liverpool VHS Store Expands

These days, VHS tapes feel so outdated, that VHS to DVD conversion services are now commonplace, available pretty much in every major city. So the news that a movie buff in Liverpool decided to open up a new VHS store got people’s attention.

In all the right ways, it seems, as the store, VideOdyssey, is expanding, as it received a lot of tapes from people across the UK. The store recently extended its retail space and opening hours in order to keep up with the growing demand, which proves that even in the age of Bluetooth and VHS to DVD conversions, VHS tapes still hold a special place in people’s heart, at least in the UK.

Owner Andy Johnson says that there was still a following for brick and mortar video stores, with many film lovers looking for a curated experience, instead of just looking through lists of movies and shows that they can stream on the internet.

The store, which opened in Toxteth, regularly sees people in their 20s visit ever week, renting out VCRs and tapes.

Alongside the 5,000 new tapes that the store has on offer, the store has been receiving offers for more nostalgic items, like a collection of 36 yellow CRT TVs and various movie memorabilia.

Andy, aged 39, believes that VHS tapes are going through something similar to vinyl, which has been seeing some resurgence in recent years. He believes that film lovers want a physical connection with their collection, and they also want to see and appreciate the artwork on covers, as well as get that feeling of nostalgia that comes with playing an analogue copy.

He says that they are on a mission to save film. He knew that, in the age of VHS to DVD conversions, him opening the store would garner attention, but the love and support that Brits have given the endeavour has been a genuinely pleasant surprise for him.

He says that what makes the store special is the immersive experience. The store, he describes, is a place where people can look at thousands of tapes, and play one that they like in their TV studio-turned cinema. They have a community built around the store, and that, Andy says, is the key to their success.