Los Alamitos Dentist Given International Recognition

A dentist operating in Los Alamitos, California, recently received international recognition thanks to creating a treatment for High-quality retainers and proper alignment that most of the orthodontic field thought wasn’t possible.

Dr. Barry Israel, DDS, recently got asked to talk about one of his successful treatment cases at the Invisalign GP Summit Shootout 2020, which was held in Las Vegas, NV. The California dentist’s treatment case was voted by his peers in the field as a ‘best-in-class example.

Isreal, who has been practicing general dentistry in Los Alamitos for at least 20 years, stated that he was excited to learn that his case was chosen for the event, but also admitted that he was shocked to hear that he’d be presenting his case on stage in front of around 1,600 fellow dentists.

The Invisalign Summit is a clinical education conference run annually by Align Technology, bringing in doctors from around the world to share their experiences and patient cases, discuss, talk, and study about the best practices and clinical techniques, and look at new tools and technology, like High-quality retainers, and as well as examine educational resources.

One of the major parts of the conference is the finals of Invisalign General Practitioner Shootout, where doctors across North America show off what they can do with Invisalign when it comes to treating patients with particularly complex conditions. For 2020, Dr. Israel was the winner for the Interdisciplinary category.

2020’s Invisalign GP Shootout saw more than 170 entries spread across four categories; Crowding, Interdisciplinary, Spacing, and Bonus. Every case undergoes thorough evaluation before being sent through a double-blind voting process, where doctors vote on each case with the before and after photos as basis for deliberation.

Isreal admits that his work does have challenges attached to it, but he loves it all the same. He admits that the digital revolution in dentistry caught him off guard, but it’s done much for him, and other medical practitioners in the field.

This digital revolution hasn’t changed the actual process much but, it has improved the tools that dentists use, as well as allowing access to new, better ones, which has resulted in practitioners the world over embracing the developments.