Maersk Acquires Vandegrift CHB To Offer Complete Logistics Services

If you are called specialist logistics, you are an expert in certain areas of supply chain management. It is typical for companies to go to a specialist when there are critical issues and challenges that needs knowledge and expertise to be resolved. Supply chain management is certainly a complex process with many different functions involved that require expertise.

Maersk, the Danish shipping line has recently announced acquisition of Vandegrift, a customs house brokerage (CHB) in the United States that has 12 offices in New Jersey. The acquisition would double the custom house brokerage abilities of Maersk. With the acquisition, Maersk can now offer complete logistics services as a carrier and forwarder.

The acquisition also shows that Maersk is serious about becoming an integrated container logistics company. CHB will be a key component in the Maersk strategy. According to Klaus RudSejling, former CEO of Damco and head of global logistics and services of Maersk, customers have been asking the shipping line to simplify the complex global chain in order to reduce risks.

Maersk made an analysis of the North American market to determine the brokerage/trade compliance industry that has the best reputation in the delivery of immediate results to all the vertical segments of Maerskā€™s account base.

From the results of the analysis, it was found out the Vandegrift has the CHB abilities as well as specialization in trade compliance. Vandegrift has a team of former officials in US Customs and Border Protection and staff that has background on custom brokerage, retail and laws.

Some of the strategic issues of customers are transport costs and trade compliance risks which can be mitigated by a more holistic custom brokerage and trade compliance plan. Maersk will take advantage of the opportunities to design an all-embracing strategy for their customers.

You can trust the specialist logistics to have the knowledge and expertise to execute your final mile delivery requirements. Over the years, the logistics provider has continued to improve its services to become a foremost final mile carrier. As a result of the all the efforts, small start-ups to large manufacturers trust the network and logistics management processes.