Makeup And Clothing From Artificial Octopus Skin

Technology has come a long way that it has impacted almost every industry. For instance, the cosmetic industry has welcomed a wide range of products like the natural Paleo skin care range which is currently one of the most in demand. Yet another discovery was made by a scientist named Roger Hanlon who is quite fond of octopuses.

Hanlon has his eyes on them for the last ten years that he believes that octopuses are the gateway for advancements not just in the field of fashion and cosmetics but also medicine. Hanlon and a group of researchers are working at the Marine Biological Laboratory of the University of Chicago who has been devoting their time studying the different characteristics of cephalopods, a term used for marine creatures such as cuttlefish, octopuses and squids.

During the latest TED 2019 conference held in Vancouver, Canada, Hanlon made a presentation which highlighted the possibility if using the skin of these marine creatures to create camouflage clothes and even cosmetic products that can alter its colour depending on the room’s lighting.

There are already a number of cosmetic companies that knows about the existence of such technology yet Hanlon thinks that it might take ten more years before the market is able to see makeup products that are inspired by octopuses.

The main point they have to learn in recreating these products is to copy how the skin of cephalopod is able to capture light. For example, the skin of an octopus is composed of reflectors and pigments that have the capacity to harness light and use them in creating a number of colours as well as patterns. Hanlon said that this is the reason why octopuses have vibrant skin with shimmering hues – a tactic that cannot be copied by the cosmetics available nowadays.

There is only one way to do this with the current technology and that is to replicate it artificially. This is a process he called bio-inspiration. Gathering inspiration is quite common because products like natural Paleo skin care were also inspired by the current popular Paleo diet.