Malaysia Loosens Up Process When Hiring Domestic Workers

Homeowners in Malaysia who wanted to hire their own house helper used to wait for about a month before they get one but there are big changes now as the process has been loosened up. Employers can now have a new household help in just a matter of five days after the start of the processing. This fast and efficient process is common in premium agencies such as Savoir Vivre in UAE.

Another good news is that the hiring process can be accomplished online which makes things easier and more efficient.

The employer is required to sign in to the website of the online system for hiring maids. They need to input the name of the domestic worker they want to hire for registration and their document regarding their medical screening should be uploaded.

Once the registration is completed, the Immigration Department will be in charge of assessing the documents submitted. Once it has passed evaluation, that’s the only time that the employer has to pay for the hiring process. The temporary pass visit pass for employment will be given to the employer.

The employer has to pay a fee of MYR 1,635. This is significantly lower compared to the previous arrangement wherein they have to pay MYR 12,000.

According to Leny Palma, a domestic helper, the process is easier because the employer is responsible of hiring a domestic worker from the Philippines. Aside from the faster processing, the fees are also more affordable. Months ago, they have to wait at least three months before getting a new maid. The process is also faster because it is done online.

Under the new system, house helper whose social visit pass has expired will be hired and they do not have to search for an agency to assist them. Their new employer will be sponsor them or help them process the renewal of their visa.

Residents in Malaysia are able to hire directly from other countries such as Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. For employers in UAE, there are premium agencies such as Savoir Vivre to make sure their domestic helpers are legal and reliable.