Manny’s Rotator Cuff Injury Affected The Outcome Of The Fight Of The Century

Manny Pacquiao allegedly suffered a rotator cuff injury‎ while fighting his rival Floyd Mayweather Jr. According to Pacquiao’s doctor, they have an MRI scan which will confirm that the legendary boxer indeed was suffering with a rotator cuff tear. The doctor further confirmed that the boxer had a significant tear. With the degree of damage inflicted on the rotator cuff of Pacquiao, the doctor estimated that the boxer will have to wait for nine to twelve months before fully recovering from the injury.

Although Mayweather was favored and won the said match of the century, a lot of fans and analysts were disappointed with how the undefeated Mayweather performed inside the ring. Pacquiao obviously had thundering fans backing him up inside the arena but did little to deter Mayweather from taking home the bacon and living up to his unblemished report.

Sanction for Pacquiao
The boxing regulators of Nevada are now looking for possible disciplinary sanctions against Manny Pacquiao for not disclosing the rotator cuff injury that he suffered while he was still training for the fight against Floyd Mayweather. Freddie Roach immediately came to his defense stating that Pacquiao injured himself sometime in April and that the boxer seemed to be healed since then. However, Pacquiao during the press conference revealed that he might have reinjured his muscles during the fourth round after Mayweather took straight punches at him.

Before the fight, the handlers of Pacquiao were not able to give the boxer a pain killer shot for the shoulder injury in the dressing room. The president of the American Academy of Orthpaedic Surgeons and a specialist when it comes to sports related injuries, Dr. David Teuscher said that Pacquiao would have been relieved of discomfort and would have helped alleviating the inflammatory pain had he been given the shot.

Teuscher further said that the public and experts saw how Pacquiao changed his fighting style and a boxer would only deviate from his usual stance if he is in great pain. Pacquiao ultimately changed how he used his shoulder and arm. The boxer’s punching shoulder was heavily devastated which contributed to his not so great performance during the fight.