Marketing Lego land A No-Go For Orange County

Workers are how hard at work at the new Legoland under construction in Goshen. The park management hired junk removal Orange County to manage the construction waste. Now that the project is on the way to completion, talks of marketing are of priority. Sadly though, lawmakers in Orange County are not willing to allot a maximum of $1 million annually in order to promote the new theme park. This decision was given despite the absence of voting process. Own funds coming from the county’s treasury will be used for the administration proposal.

Steve Brescia, the chairman of the legislature, said that the lawmakers are not on board with the proposed collaboration for the marketing of the theme park. The proposal was presented by the tourism director of Orange County along with a representative from Lego land in February. The discussion was not yet submitted for approval of the Legislature since a formal funding request is yet to be submitted.

Brescia explained that the legislators are not willing to allot the county’s budget for the marketing of one business alone but they are willing to discuss the international influence of Lego land which can be used to campaign for other destinations in the county including entertainment hot spots like The Castle Fun Center located in Chester and the Wood bury Common Premium Outlets.

The lawmakers wanted to see a proposal that is more inclusive but they think that the presentation was an eye opener as they were able to see another side of the branding concept in general.

Amanda Dana, the tourism director of Orange County, said that their proposal was for the county to spend between $750,000and $1 million annually for marketing campaign that will feature Legoland. She said that it is not only beneficial for the theme park alone but a number of tourist spots in the county as well. She said that the same proposal was also arranged by Legoland with Polk County in Florida.

Dana is still hopeful though that she will be able to get the approval of the said marketing agreement collaboration. Meanwhile, companies that provide junk removal Orange County are benefiting from the construction because their services are needed.