MEA Will Be Working To Ease Problems For Tourists On Nana

The Metropolitan Electricity Authority is working on its underground power transmission project on Soi Nana Nua, near a Hotel in Sukhumvit, and has reassured people that they will maintain high standards of construction in order to ensure minimal disturbance to the people in the vicinity.

Deputy Governor Thepsakdi Thitaraksa, MEA, alongside the Director of the Wattana District, TIppawan Janepruvit, recently led a group of media representatives to visit the underground power transmission project currently in development on Nana Nua Road, in order to monitor progress. The construction work emphasizes on safety and convenience for the people in the vicinity, which is currently under work right next to a Hotel in Sukhumvit, the Zenith Sukhumvit Hotel.

The MEA Deputy Governor says that, since the area around Nana Nua Road is a key economic and tourism hotspot with dense traffic and many businesses that operate around the clock, it’s imperative that the construction operations be managed tightly in order to make sure that local businesses, tourists and communities in the area are minimally impacted. Every step, Thitaraksa says, is being done following strict standards, which cover techniques, materials and equipment used in order to ensure safety and prevent accidents from happening.

Once the project is finished, the area will have stable and reliable power, as well as improved general appeal, as part of the Thai government’s tourism promotion policy at the capital. The project will also improve the safety and security of people and property in the area, as well as further Bangkok’s development as a key ASEAN metropolis.

This particular section of the project covers a distance of approximately 0.75 km, from the Nana Intersection to the bridge that crosses the Saen Saeb Canal. The project’s first phase is the installation of the new underground cable and electrical system, which started work in July of 2018, and is scheduled for completion on December of the same year.

The second phase is the removal of the old cables and electricity poles, to be done from December 2018 to April of next year. For the first phase of work, the MEA has acquired authorization from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the National Police Force in order to work from 22:00 to 05:00 daily to minimize impact on traffic.