Mortgage And The Property Sector

As of the end of the third quarter this year, there are about 6 million US residential properties that are seriously underwater. The combined loan amount secured by buyers of property is at 25 percent higher compared to the estimated market value of the properties. This represents 12.7 percent of the properties that have a mortgage.

The number of properties that were underwater was down from about 7 million homes which represented 13 percent of all homes that have a mortgage in the previous quarter and is at the lowest level for both share of mortgages and total mortgages. The share and number of seriously underwater homes increased significantly during the second quarter of 2012 which was at 12 million homes representing at least 28 percent of all the households with a mortgage.

During the end of the third quarter, there were only about 10 million residential properties that were equity rich. The number was down from 10 million equity rich properties which represent 19 percent of all the properties that have mortgages.

The real estate trend

By the end of 2014, the real estate industry was quite promising and it seems that it will continue with its upward trend. Property analysts and developers kept a very positive outlook for the industry this year and the years to come. Indeed the industry for the real estate will be another exciting one. The ASEAN integration, the swelling demand from BPOs and the investment upgrade are now considered are the major factors in buoying and strengthening in the property sector in the upcoming years.

Truly the real estate industry has rebounded since it went low in the latest global financial crisis. Housing properties and subdivision developments are now everywhere. Mortgages have also increased and that there are more property buyers in the market. The demand is great in the property sector and the supply is also quite adequate to meet the needs of consumers. If you are planning to purchase properties, it is best that you seek the counsel of renowned experts from HomeUnion Investment Properties so that you will have an informed and can decide excellently.