Musicians Raising Funds For New Church Roof

On December 8, a concert is going to happen in Sydney. It is a fundraising for the re roofing in Sydney of the oldest building in existence in the city. Aside from the repair cost, the building is going to need a new heating as well.

The building was constructed in 1785 and called St. George’s Church. The old roof needs to be replaced and installation of the heating system is also necessary. There are existing issues inside the building that has to be solved including the problem they have with mold which is prevalent all over the building.

The Highland Arts Theatre or HAT is the venue of the concert next week. The event will start at 7:30 in the evening. All the money which they will gather from the event will be given to the church as it is considered as a historic structure.

The chairman of the heritage committee of St. George, Michelle Gardiner, said that they will need around $75,000 in order to cover all the cost. It has been several years since the problem started but the committee does not have enough funds to take action.

Gardiner said that the fundraising aims to help them solve the issues with the church. The money will be added to the current funds they have which was given to them as donations during the summer season. They are hoping to fix the heating inside the church because they are suffering during the winter and the building is also negatively impacted by the cold months.

She explained that the walls of the church are made a stone called Fortress of Louisbourg. The walls are compacted during the winter thus it peeled and cracked in the process. There are now visible signs that the walls are starting to cave in. This has been an issue for the past five years.

Gardiner is happy because the community is doing everything they can for them to have re roofing in Sydney as their current funds are not enough for the project. Tickets are now selling for $20 each and can be bought at the HAT.