NBI To The Public: Buy Fake ID And You’re In Trouble

The Philippines NBI call on people who purchased fake NBI IDs and other documents to relinquish these or they will be charged criminally. This is in relation to having some people buy fake ID from illegitimate providers.

“We want you to surrender all purchased items such as fake ID, permits and badges as this is not authorized. We will accept it with no questions,” said Sixto Burgos, NBI Deputy Director for Counter Intelligence in a press conference.

All NBI agents receive a quarterly renewal of NBI credentials, said Burgos.

“If you decline to turn over your fake IDs, badges and permit to carry, we will go after you and will be penalized accordingly.” This was the statement of Burgos after identifying some buyers who were mostly businessmen.

This government agency appealed to the Filipino people after it arrested a husband and wife team selling fake NBI Ids and other related documents. The suspects were Solomon and Shirley Viloria who were apprehended in an entrapment operation.

Solomon is currently an employee of the Civil Defense Office under the Department of National Defense. He is now a topic of intelligence report due to his engagement in illegal scanning, fabricating and printing of NBI documents.

The fake ID and other related documents are offered to people wanting to become a member of the NBI Civilian Agent Group.

You need to pay P35,000 to P45,000 to have your firearm and bullets covered with Teflon and additional P10,000 to P15,000 to own a permit to carry firearms, mission order, and NBI ID.

The two suspects are now facing an infringement of illegitimate ownership of firearms or Republic Act 10591. Solomon will have to face another separate case for the infringement of Article 179 or illegal use of insignia, Article 177 or usurpation of authority, and Article 172 or falsification of public documents, all under the revised code.

So let’s wait and see how far this selling and when you buy fake ID will go for the agency. They have apprehended the couple infringing the law. Let’s see if there are more to arrest and what lies the case.