New California District Attorney To Probe Orange County’s Rehab Riviera

The recent issue of Orange County’s “Rehab Riviera”, filled with illegal Socal Drug Rehab facilities, has not escaped the notice of District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, who has recently created a new task force to deal with this issue plaguing the South California district.

The task force, named the “Sober Living Home Accountability Task Force”, comes at the heels of an ongoing investigation being held by the Southern California News Group that discovered issues regarding deaths, sexual assaults, paying-for-patients and, ironically, even drug use in California’s loosely-regulated drug rehab facilities, and other similar facilities.

For about 10 years, many neighborhoods across Orange County, particularly close to the coasts, have been flooded by addiction facilities, with many of them being used as fronts for illicit activities.

Nancy Clark, an operator of one of many Socal Drug Rehab facilities across OC, says that a lot of the providers and dealers who used to have dope addictions have now moved their fixation to something else: money. She made this statement during a hearing on March 12, Monday,  hosted in Costa Mesa by DA Rackauckas.

According to the DA, the new team would investigate whether the addiction industry is running roughshod with insurance fraud claims and human trafficking statutes. The task force will also look into local legislation and see what needs to be changed or added in order to deal with the issue, a course of action that California lawmakers have been unable to handle.

Several critics of DA Rackauckas, however, says that Rackauckas is simply grandstanding in an attempt to garner good will for his re-election campaign, but the DA says that he was only working to deal with the issue.

The initial investigation, conducted by the Southern California News Group, found out that the more financially destitute addicts could be worth a lot to more unscrupulous rehab centers, wherein the addicts are bought, sold and exploited for insurance claims, with each individual addict bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks.

In the wake of the investigation, lawmakers across California, particular in the Southern region, are asking for stricter oversight and regulation.