New Innovations Boosting Renewable Energy Use In Australia

Australia is starting to become a dominant figure in renewable energy technology, with more and more residential solar panel installations, as well as government-approved wind and solar farms throughout the country.

Solahart PowerStore

Solahart PowerStore is the first solar-optimized electric water heater available in Australia. It was launched in July. It works in a very simple way. For example, a Gold Coast solar panel system owner produces more than enough solar energy to power his or her own house. The excess power is then used to heat the water in the household to minimize energy use and make the most out of the solar energy already available.


Based in West Australia, ClearVue developed a technology that allows windows to convert light to solar energy though solar cells. The company explains that four square meters of this glass that can be installed on windows can produce as much energy as a single square-meter solar panel. David Tasker, the company’s spokesman says that their product is currently undergoing certification testing. If approved, Gold Coast solar panel systems, for example, can be made even more efficient by having windows, glass roofs, doors, and walls replaced with these solar-power harnessing glasses.


For those who are physically active, harnessing the power of the sun can also now be done through SolaRoad. In Netherlands, the SolaRoad bike path was opened in 2014, allowing the generation of up to 3000 kilowatts of energy every hour during its first six months. It is enough to power one household for a single person for a year. This technology uses solar panels covered in tempered class to be set in place with concrete modules to allow the path to gather sunlight and generate solar power through it.

In Australia, Queensland is constructing the Electric Super Highway which would connect Cairns to Cold Coast. The plan would provide 18 charging stations for electric vehicles to travel through the highway without worrying about running out of power. This is an effective way of encouraging drivers to switch to electric cars as well.

With the growing support from the government, as well as the continuous development of innovative technologies, using renewable resources is becoming more and more widely available for everyone.