No Fuss Funerals Now Becoming Too Common

According to an industry expert, there is now a rise in the number of families opting for no fuss funerals because of the fear of being too attached with grief. There is an increase in direct cremation for the deceased when it used to be done after a memorial or a traditional ceremony. Some prefer to place the ashes in memorial urns and bring it to a place where the ashes can be scattered. Nowadays, direct cremation is becoming too common.

The bereaved family has the decision as to the form of the memorial which means that they are not required to be present at the crematorium at the actual cremation. Last month, the largest funeral home in the United Kingdom made an announcement to offer this service. The starting cost of direct cremation is £1,000. The service became available after it become apparent that many are interested with this type of funeral service.

Majority of the crematoria nowadays have the basic service on their package and the most affordable is around £650. According to surveys, around 70 per cent of the deceased are now being cremation. In fact, a research conducted by the Royal London in 2017 revealed that 10 per cent of the families who chose cremation did not opt for any type of memorial or service.

The same survey showed that these no fuss funerals have been happening in the past three years and the figure is only increasing each year.

A professor at Durham University who specializes in religion said that the younger generation is not willing to commit emotionally during funerals. He also expresses a warning regarding this practice which could lead to people not being able to grieve properly because of their desire to avoid it entirely.

He added that this is the result of the new generation being raised in a sheltered manner thus they are now prepared to face these negative emotions. These are the same kids that were given all the attention since they were infants, driven personally by their parents to school and everything handed out to them. While they give importance to outward aspects such as memorial urns, they forget to properly grieve for the people they have lost.