Norwich Goalie’s Shirts Found In An Aussie Charity Store

There are many AFL shop which donates its proceeds to charities in the country, which sell old and extra merchandise from the organisation. Occasionally,  there’s  grail in the garbage, with customers sometimes stumbling into some merchandise that are quite rare, and, consequently, worth a pretty penny.

One such instance was with Tom Greenaway, who was searching through the rails of one such AFL shop in Australia when he encountered two playing shirts, which looked official. The shirts in question had Theoklitos across the back, which he believes are the official kits of a former Norwich City club goalie. Greenaway has expressed his desire to find Theoklitos to get the shirts verified and signed.

The possible owner of the shirts would be Michael Theoklitos, who played only once for the UK football club, when it was up against Colchester, which resulted in a staggering 7-1 loss. The goalie was born in the AU, who moved to the UK back in 2009 in order to play for The Canaries, who were, at that time, handled by former goalkeeper Bryan Gunn.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Theoklitos suffered a disastrous debut within England’s third tier football, letting Colchester score seven goals during the game. Said game would be Gunn’s penultimate game as manager, before getting fired.

Theoklitos was given a second chance by Gunn’s successor, Paul Lambert, but he didn’t show up for a cup game, and then later left the club when 2010 rolled around. Following his departure, he returned to the AU and went on to play for Brisbane Roar, winning three league championships.

Greenaway says that he didn’t recognize the name when he first spotted the shirt, and had to resort to consulting Google on the spot to learn the truth, wherein he realized that he possibly had something valuable in his hands.

Theoklitos, who goes by Michael Theo, wore a short-sleeved top in his only outing for Norwich, but used a long-sleeved top for the reserves.

Greenaway reveals that the shop asked for AU$15 for all of the kit.

Theo himself could not be reached for a comment on the matter, but match-worn shirts are sometimes given away or sold by former players and other people working with football clubs. Football kit historian John Devlin says that the shirts would need expert verification, ideally someone who’s dealt with a lot of Norwich merchandise.