Octogenarian Starts Own Junk Hauling Business

After a certain age, everyone begins to look forward to an idle and peaceful life in retirement. This story is the opposite of that. It is about a man who, instead of moving towards this idyllic life, makes himself even more busy instead and opens up a junk removal company.

In 2018, Norton Smith decided to build a business around his lifelong love for junk. With his son, Sean, he joined the ranks of other junk hauling Orange County companies. They named the business Junk Smiths. They specialize in junk removal, demolition, and concrete in Huntington Beach and the surrounding areas.

The small business that they began in 2018 has served hundreds of people in the Orange County area. It is now even expanding their operations and currently have two trucks, one more than when they started, in their lineup.

Norton Smith is involved in all parts of the hauling process and business. From the hauling itself to networking with the Chamber of Commerce, he is hands on and deals directly with the people of the community and the industry.

Their work has not gone unnoticed. Google results show that the company has a 5.0 average rating from more than 75 reviews. The direct approach that Norton Smith is fond of using towards his dealings with his customers has earned them much love and praise.

The Junk Smiths website states that Norton is a veteran in the waste management industry, while his son was previously in the pool cleaning business. According to his son, Norton Smith’s love for junk has been lifelong and this business has been an opportunity to work on something they both love. Sean recalls that even in his childhood, Norton Smith brought him around to yard sales that exhibited his passion for junk, and collecting it, even back then.

Norton Smith is a classic example of how it is never too late to do something one is passionate about. He found a perfect partner in his son, and the two of them are able to share not just in this passion, but in this junk hauling Orange County business as well.