Optimistic Tourism Industry For Bangkok Despite Challenges In Previous Years

Bangkok has been the country’s commercial centre and capital city since 1782. Over the years, it has become the region’s centre in aviation and a gateway city in Thailand. It has become usual for tourists from all over the world to search for a good Sukhumvit hotel or a conveniently located accommodation in one of the country’s busiest and most popular tourist destinations.


Hotel and Hospitality

With the influx of travellers from all around the world Sukhumvit hotel, Ploenchit hotel, and more have become common search items for visitors who wish to stay in the city. Upscale hotels in the city have been registered for healthy occupancy levels between 70% and 80% in 2016. As hotel managements and property developers shifted their strategies, a slight growth in the industry was seen in 2017. This helped increase the average rates. From 2015 to 2017, the industry has exhibited 2% annual growth— its highest since 2012. Experts believe that this is because of the improving political stability and increasing demand in the market.


However, midscale accommodation experienced a decrease in its occupancy last year. This is attributed to a new supply in the market. Midscale hotels include those with good accessibility to trains and transit systems in the city. However, they were still able to maintain a 5% annual growth.


Influx of Tourists and Guests

From 2008 to 2016, Bangkok has welcomed 30.6 million guests in Thailand. It was a 10% annual growth from its initial value at 11 million in 2008. The only noticeable decline was in 2009, which experts attribute to the global financial crisis in the previous year. With political demonstrations happening across Bangkok in 2014, the number of guests to the city was also at a standstill. However, a year later, the guests have increased to more than 30 million. Last year was a beaming success for the city as well with a 6% growth in tourism.


Hopes for the Future

Bangkok has already established itself as a charming city with secure locations and a variety of attractions for both local and international tourists. Despite the problems that the city faced economically and politically in the previous decade, it has proven itself as a resilient city with so much potential. With the continuous support from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Bangkok is expected to be one of the most visited destinations in the continent.