Opting For A Marquee Hire On The Gold Coast For Your Wedding

One current trend for wedding venues is holding it in their home or perhaps their parent’s home. Many couples are now choosing marquee hire on the Gold Coast for convenience and to save costs. They also choose to hold their wedding to share a momentous event with loved ones and good friends. The house which they grew up together has a significance for the occasion. Here is to know the benefits of having a home-based wedding.

The Benefits of a Marquee Hire

If you opt for a marquee hire on the Gold Coast, you begin with a blank canvas for your wedding theme and decorations. You gain full control on how to style or decorate your wedding venue. You can choose your own lighting and coloured or patterned drapes, thus yielding the venue of your dreams.

The marquees also come in various sizes. So long as it fits your garden, you can choose a size that will suit your needs. You can choose a marquee size that will fit your ideal guest list. Just ensure that all of them is well sheltered by the marquee. If you have a smaller group, choose a marquee that comes in a smaller size.

You’ll also find that the marquee hire on the Gold Coast is a cheaper option than a venue hire. Assuming that you’re opting to hold the event in your garden, you’ll find that you only have to spend for the marquee and everything that goes with it. You’ll be paying everything through one provider, including the food and drinks served at your wedding.

Why Think Twice About a Marquee Hire

If you were opting for a marquee hire, the venue works best during spring or autumn. You’ll be surprised that there are lots of people opting the marquee hire for their venue. If you had to hire one during winter or summer, you’ll be needing heating or air-conditioning plus the flooring to make your guests feel comfortable.

As weddings are such joyous occasion, if you have a marquee hire on the Gold Coast right on your garden with live band or a DJ, you will need to limit your noise. You need to concern yourself by not upsetting your neighbours, whom you failed to invite. You have to restrict the reception to a certain time to show respect to your neighbourhood.