Opting For Grey Stone Tiles In Your Home

Using natural stone wall and floor tiles can make your home look stunning and elegant. These materials were often used in homes of kings and queens long time ago. However, with the modernisation of the manufacturing process, it is now a practical, affordable and luxurious solution to the walling and flooring of a house. There are many types of interior stone tiles to use, and you can start with grey stone tiles, especially during your home renovation.

Limestone is one natural stone example you can use for your home. They are quarried and used in the UK as a building material. They are imported in other areas of the world like India and China, so they make suitable material for renovating a house. However, if it is used for heavy traffic, it is not advisable to ensure safety. You can also choose various earthy colours such as dark brown, beige, cream, blue, green and grey stone tiles. These will make excellent material for your bathrooms.

Granite is predominantly imported from China and India, but they can be found in other parts of the world like Europe. This natural stone comes in various colours and patterns, which make a great material to add for your walls and floors. If you use granite, it will surely complement the furnishings of your home, making it look luxurious and contemporary. Granite is best for your kitchen where you can use it as a floor tile or on the kitchen countertops.

You have another option to choose for the flooring and walls, which is travertine. It’s a form of limestone and can have a distinctive appearance. The material is considered unique and you can have a variety of dark and light colours. They are also massively produced in various finishes. They make excellent fixtures for your kitchen and bathroom.

If you’re opting for marble, it’s a limestone that has been crystallised with immense pressure and heat. They come in various patterns and colours which have been formed from chemical and mineral elements in the stone. You can even choose grey stone tiles for your commercial areas like shopping centres and corporate offices. The tiles are also used in high-end residential developments, which you must choose carefully.