Passion As The Very Essence Of Yachting

A captain recently asked if the essence of yachting can be described in one word because the sport is actually a combination of crew, money, travel and many other factors. One of the captains answered passion because when you start with yachting it is work and obligation and gradually turns into passion. As you immerse yourself into yachting, you learn to appreciate and love the job.

When a person quits, it is likely that he is not passionate enough. The interest in yachting also improves when there is passion otherwise it will just be another job When you are stuck in the middle of nowhere; you have to figure out how to fix things better and faster. You take pride in overcoming the challenge and you learn to love the job after work has been done well.

A 30-year old veteran also chose the word passion. At 5 years old, he watched the passion that his father invested as a sailor. As a child, he learned to love sailing and the waters and it became his first passion. He enjoyed the waters and the challenges that go with it like navigating and docking.

However, he did not agree that passion increases as you go older. He was more passionate about yachting when he was a child. When he got older, he started to consider it as more of a job. However, yachting and the waters remain as his first loves.

Some have attributed the changes in passion to maturity because temperament mellow with age. One of the captains said the young are more impulsive. When you grow older, impulsiveness is lost but the love for the waters is still maintained. It is a lifestyle that you cannot forget overnight even if you move to another career in the corporate world.

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