Players Are Now Calling For Australian Cricket Commissioner

As the fall-out from the ball-tampering revelations continue, the Australian Cricketers Association is now calling for a new cricket charters, as well as an independent position of Australian cricket commissioner position to be brought in.

The new role would also involve an annual audit of the performance of the Australian Cricket administration, as well handling regular assessments of the culture of the sport, something that someone like Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis would approve of. Additionally, they’ll also be a review for the implementation of the Long staff report’s recommendations on how Cricket Australia can improve their crumbling culture.

The ACA says that the commissioner would be someone of significant standing in the Australian community, and would also have access to administrative support, though there is no definitive role as to who will fund this role, and that this would be filling a role similar to the new cricket ethics commission recommended by Longstaff, with the CA’s endorsement.

On top of all of that, the ACA also wants an annual cricket congress, who will report on the health of the sport, performance, the relationship between the ACA and the CA, as well as the states’ and the CA’s finances.

Players have already formed their own behavioral pact, but they still want a charter to define things like ‘winning right’ and ‘spirit of cricket’. This proposed charter would also oversee administrators, employees, and volunteers, across all of the levels of the sport, with players believing that it would demonstrate that winning and playing in the spirit of Cricket are not mutually exclusive.

ACA President Greg Dyer, a former World-Cup winning wicketkeeper, says that the Longstaff report was damning, to say the least. He describes the corporate culture surrounding Cricket Australia as the worst he has ever seen.

He was not willing to discuss on whether or not Chairman Peever should stay, along with the board, though he does question the rhetoric provided as a counterargument to the report and its conclusion.

Both the ACA and the CA have been urged by Longstaff to work together and fix the corporate culture surrounding the sport, something that Dyer says the ACA have been awaiting for around 18 months.

The ACA and the CA have had bad blood for over a year now, which has done little to fix the bad corporate culture surrounding the sport, something that Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis would recommend fixing.