Poor Quality Solar Panels End Up In Recycling Companies

Good quality solar systems on the Gold Coast can last for decades. Unfortunately, not all of the solar panels that have been installed in Australia are of good quality. An article that was published in ABC website revealed that recycling businesses in Adelaide that are receiving small PV modules are overwhelmed with the demand for their services.

Reclaim PV’s has never been in the spotlight because the business is likely too busy recycling panels. The report further revealed that the recycling service is stripping down about 500 to 600 solar panels a day. They are inundated with calls from customers who do not want to throw the solar panels in landfills. 500 to 600 panels a day is small compared to the number of solar panels that are being installed in rooftops. However, the number of panels ending up in landfills is not clear.

According to Clive Fleming of Reclaim PV’s, solar panel waste is becoming a big concern in Australia. In the small scale systems, there are more solar panels than Australians. If all the solar panels that have been installed are of good quality, there will still be recycling but they won’t be too busy.

In order for solar systems to be eligible of the solar rebates, the panels and inverters must conform to the approved products of Clean Energy Council at the time of installation. In November 2017, 6,790 models were listed on the council’s approved modules list. Now there are only 2,509 on the list. Some modules have been dropped not because they lack quality but the council has been lifting the bar during the last couple of years.

Aside from quality, some solar systems are being replaced even if they are still functioning. The good news is 90% of the materials of the solar panels are recyclable like glass and aluminium.

Meanwhile, you will have no concerns when it comes to solar systems on the Gold Coast because they are guaranteed to be of high quality. The very best of solar panels service is provided so that you will gain good value for the money invested. The design of the solar panels ensures longevity and energy efficiency.