Popular Sydney Home With Colorful Roof Tiles Might Be Demolished Soon

One of the most popular homes in the southern part of Sydney bears a sign at its front garden saying Our Berta’s Corner. It is located in between Brant wood Street and Riverside Drive which is in the area of Sans Souci. This particular house took to fame because of the roof tiles with bright colours that can be seen from heaven. John Hall, the owner of the house who bought roof supplies in Sydney and painted the tiles, said that he did it in honour of his wife named Berta who passed away in 1997.

The main reason why Mr. Hall painted the roof is so that Berta can see their home as she looks down from where she is in heaven. It is his way of expressing his love for his beloved wife.

The task involved into making the roof tiles into what it is now is not easy since he had to carry each of the tiles to the roof. He had to paint each of them while using four different paint colours before he can refit them.

During that time, the story made it to the national news which resulted to a lot of people wanting to visit the house in order to see it with their own eyes. Such act of love is rarely seen these days.

Now the fate of the house is unsure since the passing of Mr. Hall in 2017 at the age of 98. Since then, no one has been living in the house. The neighbours said that the property has been cleaned in the past few weeks and they think that the Trustee and Guardian at NSW are already prepping the house for sale.

The house is located at the side of the Georges River therefore it will not be surprising if it is to be demolished and replaced with a mansion. Their love story inspired many yet there is no other who bought roof supplies in Sydney and did what Mr. Hall did for the name of love. While the house may be gone, their memory will live on with the people who knew about the wonderful love they shared.