Preparations For Fireworks Festival In Da Nang Are All Set

For this year’s Da Nang International Fireworks Festival or DIFF, the host country will be joined by Russia on the first of June to showcase firework performances. This will be the opening night and the theme they will follow is called Origins. This will be the start of the annual Da Nang International Fireworks Festival which for this year will have a slogan “Stories by the Rivers”. It is expected that accommodations like family hotel in Danang will be flocked by visitors and tourists.

The details were disclosed during the press release conducted on May 24. In attendance were the authorities from Da Nang city along with Sun Group’s real estate developer in order to keep the public updated of the yearly festival’s schedule.

Festival organizers promised that there will be fireworks shows to be presented near the Han River which is located in the central city. All of these are happening at the first week of June to entertain not just the locals but also tourists. Vietnamese celebrities will also be present during the performances on June 1.

Aside from the performances, there will also be events organized for the public such as a gala to be hosted at Sun World Ba Na Hills on the night of May 31. There will also be street festival and a contest for the best dance flash mob to look forward to.

The committee in-charge of the organization said that the city of Da Nang is all set for the opening night while the People’s Committee under the municipality is making sure that the price of services during the entire DIFF 2019 will be monitored to avoid abuse and overcharging. This will be supervised starting on the 30th of May until the 6th of July. This is done with the interests of the consumers in mind who will suffer should businesses increase their prices.

The tourism department of the city have also accounted for the 793 different accommodations available which puts the available rooms to 35,881. One of these establishments is a family hotel in Danang which will surely provide service to groups traveling with children.