Proposal For The Repair Of The Bridge In Franklin Street

In Michigan, the county officials are proposing to repair the drawbridge that is located in Franklin Street. It was built 85 years ago and is found above the Trail Creek. Despite the proposal, they are not proclaiming that the funding should be expedited as the situation is not considered an emergency.

According to Jay Sullivan, the county engineer, he came forward and discussed with the La Porte County Council the matters that concern the repairs of the bridge. He explained that they need to find a supplier of flexible conduit for sale because of the existing conduit that is found below the creek bed is already in the state of deterioration. Replacement should be done as soon as possible to make sure that the bridge will remain operational.

The dialogue that ensued the week before with the Board of Commissioners of the county tackles whether the repair should be considered as an emergency based on the definition of the state which thereby mandates them to take action immediately.

According to the council members, they are not convinced that the matter is very urgent due to the fact that the bridge remains to be operational. However, they said that Sullivan should do as he see fits especially if he thinks that the condition of the bridge is already at its critical state.

The bridge is a very important infrastructure in the region because it is the channel used by vehicles to have a direct road going to the lakefront and it is also responsible for allowing the passage of sailboats to Lake Michigan that are coming and going.

An estimate was created by Sullivan and he said that the cost of purchasing the flexible conduit for sale that will be used for replacement will reach $115,000. The county will be providing $80,000 which will come from the major bridge fund while the remaining $35,000 will be paid by the Michigan City. The engineer addd that he will come back to discuss with the county officials the quotes he made which covers the replacement of the conduit and the installation of new wirings.