Reality Checks As Stated By A Destination Wedding Planner

Even though wedding planning is basically similar regardless of where the ceremony takes place, there are several realities and quirks specific to a destination wedding.

Sandy Malone from offered several tips for the destination brides and grooms to make the process of planning easier to comprehend.

A smaller guest count

Malone mentioned that a couple should not expect that every one of their family or friends is going to make the trip to their destination wedding, especially if it needs more than a single flight. She recommended to double the number of regrets expected to get when getting married in a place that needs a passport to travel.

A few will not accept the invitation to be included in a wedding party

A destination wedding costs a lot of money, and it is also a huge commitment in someone’s time. Even though some people want to be part of a couple’s wedding, there are people who cannot meet requirements of being a good grooms-man or bridesmaid and choose to not participate. Malone said that a couple should try to not be hurt or let disappointment affect the relationship. Instead, she suggested for couples to encourage these people to still attend as guests.

No need to very thoroughly plan the entire weekend

The guests spend money to attend a wedding, but they also want free time to check out the destination, whether that is a pool, beach or adventure time. Malone recommended to schedule a single wedding event each day and to have guests figure out how they want to spend the rest of the time. Additionally, she said that it is better to just offer information or provide suggestions regarding activities.

Expect things to be more expensive

According to Malone, it is more expensive at a tropical wedding destination, especially the things that come to the island. These are more expensive compared to those at home.


A destination wedding is more like a dream wedding for many couples which is why it is also invaluable to appoint a Wedding Planner in Sydney or in a specific destination a couple wants to have their ceremony.