Recommended Venues For Same Sex Weddings In Sydney

If marriage equality in Australia is passed into law, which is quite evident with the number of yes votes, couples would have to hire wedding photography in Sydney and look for wedding venues. The postal survey recently conducted was not binding and same sex marriage would still be illegal in the country but this means that the parliament in the country will take the issue in a more positive note because of the public’s view on the issue.

The survey conducted in Australia was not a requirement compared to regular election. Despite this fact, a total of 12.6 million people or 79.5 per cent of the eligible voters participated by sending their votes. The survey asked a single question about the legality of same sex marriage and it lasted for eight weeks.

The result showed that almost 8 million or 61 per cent of those who voted are in favour and casted yes on their ballots.

Lawmakers in the country are already drafting the bill and should be ready by Christmas time. With the positive result from the voting, many same sex couples are already proposing.

In line with this are venues in Australia that are already expressing their openness to host same sex weddings.

  • Pier One Sydney Harbor. If you want to have a stunning background in your wedding day, the location offers a view to not just one but three – the Walsh Bay, the Sydney Harbor and the bridge. The couple and their guests can go to the venue through a boat.
  • Centennial Homestead. This is a formal setting with pastoral vibe. Centennial Park is surrounded by greeneries and there are lakes and ponds. This is ideal for a garden wedding ceremony.
  • Sydney Glass Island. If you want to see the harbour without any obstructions, this is recommended. It is a glass house and a cruise at the same time. It has a lower and upper deck wherein guests can take in the views. It can accommodate up to 350 people.

There are other options to choose from such as Studio in Sydney Tower or have a wedding during a festival in the city. Make sure you have booked a wedding photography in Sydney to have the moment documented for the rest of your lives.