Removals In Sydney Compared To Other State Or Suburbs

Excited about moving from one place to another? I could only imagine how good it feels to start a new living, away from all the stressful things in your former place. This is the same feeling felt by a woman of 35, who planned to move for a new environment. But this excitement turned into a nightmare when unwanted things happened because of the removal company she hired.

When she checked her belongings there are damaged furniture and lost goods. The company even charged her extra hundreds of dollars for their faulty service. She then decided to bring this matter to the civil court. No worries, this is not from removals in Sydney but in Yarra South in Victoria. Her complaints include damaged and loss of properties, as well as hidden charges that were never disclosed to her beforehand.  She’s now on the move to and raised to the administrative tribunal to get justice out of this.

Her dream of peaceful transfer has turned into a nightmare she will never forget. She’s not new to removal services as she used a lot of different companies for this need. She claimed that the process took 4 ½ hours and cost her $122 per hour. She spent a total of $635 for this just single transaction. She also compared it to the previous experience that only cost her $380 for 3 full hours for the same distance.

In the past years, the Victorian consumer affairs have received a significant number of complaints about several removal companies. Compare to reports for removals in Sydney, the number is extremely overwhelming. There are reports that some removalists drive drunk and being rude. While having damaged goods and overcharges are common complaints than the other stated before.

It is really advisable that before agreeing to the terms of the service, the customer needs to ask as many relevant questions as possible. Research first and do background check of the company you want to hire, read reviews from online forums, or consider asking for a friend’s referral. It’s better to be sure than receive just an apology in the end.