Residents Protest Pruning Of Blooming Jacaranda Trees In Adelaide

There are some instances where tree lopping in Manly West is the best option. The removal of large sections of a tree by cutting a stem or branch all the way back is often the reason of a controversy. However, when tree lopping is carried out by a professional arborist for specific situations, it becomes quite beneficial.

In Malvern Ave, Malvern, it is not lopping that became the source of a controversy but the pruning of a jacaranda tree. SA Power Networks confirmed that pruning the jacaranda which was in full bloom was caught in the “Catch 22”situation. Local resident Steve Thomas labelled the culprits as vandals because the pruning was unwarranted in the middle of the jacaranda season. He posted some pictures of pruned limbs at the base of a jacaranda tree on social media.

Mr. Thomas understands that there is a need to prune the trees that were near power lines but what he was asking for is some sensitivity in scheduling. Jacaranda flowers are in full bloom for about 4 weeks in a year. Pruning can be scheduled at another time because the flower display is an acknowledged glory for the streets in Adelaide.

According to the council spokesman, SA Power Networks was in charge of the pruning. Meanwhile, the spokesman of SA Power Networks said that are required to cut trees every 3 years and it was the only time available for the team. For the rest of the year, their team is focused on bushfire risk areas. The team has to ensure that everything has been trimmed before the start of the fire season.

At least 6,000 trees have to be cut in Unley before the end of the year in compliance with legislated obligations for non-bushfire risk areas. They are simply maximizing public safety and the reliability of power lines.

When maintaining your garden, you can leave the more complicated task to tree lopping in Manly West that offers comprehensive landscaping service. The process of tree lopping is very precise and will be performed with the proper tools and equipment. Professionals will ensure that the process of tree lopping will be safe and correct.