San Francisco Immigration Lawyers 

Each state in the United States is a melting pot of various people from distinctive cultures and that includes people from other countries. There are some immigrants who entered the country legally and have become a United States citizen, while others have come to the country in an illegal way, according to an immigration lawyer. As what San Francisco immigration lawyers say, the highest number of legal and illegal immigrants come from the state of California. This is probably due to its size and the proximity to Mexico, which is the highest number of immigrants in California.

The illegal entry of many immigrants have triggered more problems for other immigrants who have become citizens of the United States legally. The largest problem they have encountered is discrimination. As there are Mexicans who come to the country illegally, they generalize that most of them are illegal, which are not actually the case. Many Mexican Americans find that they are frequently pulled over by police while driving due to their appearance and that the police are trying to monitor people who have entered the country illegally.

Another discrimination that occurred to immigrants since they lived here in the United States is the discrimination occurred since the attacks of September 11th. Many Middle Eastern Americans have been discriminated because of their appearance and the practice of the Muslim religion, who were notably part and responsible for the attacks of September 11th. Until more Americans learn to accept that some people come from different countries and that not all of them are illegal aliens, the discrimination will continue.

Some San Francisco immigration lawyers can help immigrants become legal citizens of the United States. They can help them become more productive and live good lives in this country. While there are those who cannot afford to hire an immigration lawyer to help them, but it’s the only way to become legal citizens of the country. This can also help avoid the discrimination they have experienced, and enjoy their rights. Whatever the circumstances are, problems may come more complicated and it is always well looked at and reviewed by a proficient immigration lawyer.