Save Money From Steam Cleaners While Cleaning Your Carpets Effectively

Do you have a carpet at home? If you have, then most probably you know how hard, tiresome, and even frustrating it is to wash them clean. In fact, considering their surface area and their weight, it would even be hard for them to fit into washing machines. Therefore, a lot of people choose to rent steam cleaners just to clean their carpets. Furthermore, carpets may even have a higher maintenance cost, on top of regular cleaning, as people need to have their carpet repair in Sydney, or wherever they are, whenever their fabrics get broken.

Therefore, in order to save money, knowing how to deep clean them would surely come handy. Hence, Jennifer Rodriguez, a chief hygiene officer of Pro Housekeepers shared the following tips below where people could learn lessons from.


According to Ms. Rodriguez, all you need to have is a baking soda or a dish soap which you usually use to do the laundry. Moreover, one could also use those products used in actual steam cleaners in order to be more effective. Tools needed may include a used toothbrush, a brush, a clean towel, and a bucket among others.


First, you need to get hold of the bucket along with the cleaning tool that you want to use. Second, there is also a need for you to vacuum it, in order to remove the dirt and dust which are resting on the carpet’s surface. Next, apply the baking soda to the stain and make sure to cover it thoroughly. Meanwhile, if you are using a dish soap, apply it on the ratio of 1 tablespoon per 6 to 8 inches of stain– swoosh thereafter. Subsequently, brush the stain with water (better if warm) using one of the three tools stated above. Lastly, allow the carpet to dry by hanging it where it could be exposed to air and then vacuum once again.

Indeed, carpet maintenance is very important. Therefore, if you want to ask for some professional help most especially on carpet repair in Sydney, BA carpets would be very willing to lend you a hand.