How To Save Your Trees When There Is Draught

This week, the United States Drought Monitor has released a map that shows 17% of Massachusetts mainly in and around Boston is considered to be severely affected by extreme draught. It is not only the residents who are affected by the lack of water but trees. The latest tree to be affected is a huge oak tree that crashed down Saturday morning on Jefferson Road in Wellesley. There was no wind and neither was there an electric storm that will topple a tree but it seems the old oak fell because of the ongoing draught.

Last Wednesday, a tree also fell on Reading and hit a home. Another tree narrowly missed hitting a woman who was in her car in Salem, New Hampshire. Trees are getting weaker due to four years of ongoing draught and not because of the heat of summer. Lack of water starves trees of the necessary nutrients and they become vulnerable to insects and diseases. Because of the draught, a lot of different insects are feeding on trees, something that never happened in previous years.

Based on the most recent aerial survey undertaken by Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation’s forest health program, the area of tree damage was more than three times the 110,843 acres in 2015 to 362,254 this year. Most of the damages on trees are due to insects like gypsy moths. Backyard trees that are most vulnerable to draught include sugar maples, beech and birches while elms, locusts and London plane-trees are not so susceptible.

One of the common solutions that homeowners undertake is irrigating trees at the trunk but this is not enough because spraying with water should extend out twice as far as the tree’s canopy. Frequency of spraying will also depend on daily temperatures. If it is over 80oF, spraying must be done 3 times a week and 4 times a week if the temperature is above 90oF.

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