Scammers Pretending To Be ATO Staffs Are Back

A responsible tax payer will file their tax claims on time and make sure that there are no errors. Tax payers should also have an audit insurance to protect their finances in case of trouble with the tax authority. In line with this, the Australian Tax Office warned tax payers that the scam involving con artists pretending to be ATO employees are back. The scammers are calling tax payers through their phone numbers and pretend that the victim was found to have done something fraudulent against the ATO.

This is accomplished through a three-way call initiated by the scammers involving the victim, the scammer and another accomplice pretending to be the tax agent of the victim. They will convince the victim to transfer money. In addition, the scammers are telling the victims that there is already a warrant of arrest issued against them.

According to Detective Inspector Melissa Anderson of the Queensland Police Financial and Cyber Crimes Group, the last 12 months the ATO has received over 81,000 complaints regarding scammers.

As soon as the victim is engaged, they will be forced to give out personal information unknowingly since these scammers know how to make the victims feel at ease and trust them. They also know how to build up the pressure along with stress to push the victims to transfer payment urgently. The local authorities said that if taxpayers are to receive such calls, they should hang up as soon as possible and do nothing about it.

Once they have the personal information of the victim, they can use it to hack their bank accounts and even take advantage in any way they can.

Anderson said that it is not common for the ATO to conduct cold calls. People should be suspicious if the supposed ATO employee tells them that they cannot contact the agency by any other means than the phone number calling them. Once people fell that the situation is too good to be true, they should exercise caution and consider it a scam. Just like how careful they are in getting audit insurance every tax season, they should also be careful with scammers.